Tips For Making Your Transition To E-Cigs Is An Easy One

A lot of people are using electronic cigarettes as cessation devices. Although there is still some debate as to whether or not e-cigsare healthier than real tobacco cigarettes, there’s no debating their effectiveness when it comes to helping people quit smoking. If you want to make your transition to electronic cigarettes a smooth and easy one, however, there are a few things that you need to do. Following are several, simple tips for establishing a fool-proof cessation plan with e-cigs.

Recognize The Difference Between Cig-A-Likes And E-Cigs

It’s first important to note that there’s a significant difference between cig-a-likes and e-cigs. Cig-a-likes are low-cost, disposable devices that look almost exactly like real cigarettes. You can find these at many drug stores, liquor stores, and smoke shops. You cannot recharge them and you will have to make do with their current contents in terms of flavor and available nicotine levels. Although they aren’t as flexible or adaptable as the typical e-cig, they will provide some relief when you’ve already finished your last pack of tobacco cigarettes and need a small nicotine fix to get you through the worst of your cravings.

Real electronic cigarettes have evolved into something known as vaping devices or vape mods. These are the best types of e-cigs to use if you’re looking to wean yourself off of nicotine in a slow and comfortable fashion and truly want to quit smoking forever. These units come with chargers and they also have refillable juice tanks. In comparison to cig-a-likes, they offer a deeper and more powerful throat and lung hit and they can also include varying levels of nicotine along with a vast range of e-juice flavors. As such, it’s easier to customize your use of e-cigs to your own smoking habits than it is to find a suitable cig-a-like. Cig-a-likes look and handle more like real tobacco cigarettes, but many vapors assert that vape modes or electronic cigarettes offer a more enjoyable smoking experience overall. Vape mods also satisfy the hand-to-mouth craving that many smokers experience after putting their tobacco cigarettes down for good.

Trying Different Electronic Cigarettes On For Size

It’s important to note that the very best e-cigs can be quite costly. Thus, it is definitely in your best interests to spend some time reading ratings and reviews of different products before choosing one. Moreover, rather than rushing right in and purchasing the highest-rated and most expensive device you can find, look for a vape mod that is suitable for those who are just getting started with vaping. After you have had a chance to acclimate and to better define your tastes, you can always return to a seller and upgrade your vape mod for one that is better suited to experienced, full-time vapers.


Starter Kits

Once you have selected the right vape mod for your introductory phase, start shopping around for a start-up kit that includes this mod, a charger, and several e-juice flavors. Electronic cigarettes from different makers are often only able to accommodate specific types of e-juice. Buying a starter kit when shopping online will eliminate any confusions given that this will only contain e-juice that is compatible with the included mod.

Starter kits also make it easier for people to identify their preferences in e-juice flavors. These usually come with a few, sample sizes of diverse flavors. For instance, you might get a full tobacco flavor, menthol, black cherry and coffee to start. You can even try mixing several of these to create a flavor array of your own. For instance, full tobacco might pair well with black cherry or coffee.

Determine The Most Appropriate Nicotine Level

Find out how much nicotine needs to be in your e-juice in order to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. If you’re serious about quitting cigarettes over the long-term, you should know that it’s generally best to choose an option that’s equal to your current level of nicotine consumption. For instance, if you smoke just under a pack of cigarettes every day, you should start with an e-juice that has 9 mg or 12 mg or nicotine. If you choose any less, you may find yourself constantly puffing on your mod and vaping far more often than you usually smoke. Another vital thing to note is that there is no need to rush these efforts. Start stepping your nicotine levels down at a very comfortable pace so that you don’t get discouraged and quit. When you vape as opposed to actually smoking, you will still find yourself breathing easy, tasting your foods a bit better, and feeling healthier overall.