What You Should Know About E-cigs

If you smoke regular cigarettes, e-cigs may be a great alternative for you. These devices first came on the market in the United States in 2007 and have grown in popularity since their introduction. Many are designed so they look like a traditional cigarette, but they have many advantages that conventional cigarettes do not have. If you are considering the purchase of e-cigs, there are a few things you should know.

1. Tobacco Free: Electronic cigarettes do not use any tobacco and in many cases are free from the laws regulating the sale or use of tobacco. In some locations, there is not even a minimum age for buying them. This does not mean that e-cigs are designed for use by individuals under age 18, however. Along with being tobacco free, e-cigs are also free from tar and do not create the unpleasant smoke odor that tobacco cigarettes do.

2. Smoke-Free: E-cigs operate without a match or lighter, but use a lithium battery instead. They do not actually burn so they do not create smoke. You will find there are places you cannot smoke a traditional cigarette that welcomes your e-cig. If the lithium battery dies, you simply connect it to your laptop or cellular phone charger and it is ready shortly to go again. When you puff on the e-cigarette, the liquid in the cartridge changes to a vapor that enters your lungs, delivering nicotine without the bad effects of smoke. E-cigs also deliver significantly fewer carcinogens than tobacco so they provide a healthy alternative.

3. More Choices: You can buy cartridges that deliver varying amounts of nicotine. Some contain no nicotine at all. Once you purchase your e-cig, you can use coupons for saving money as you try the various types of liquids to find your favorite.

4. Improved Safety: E-cigs are not only healthier than traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are also safer. Because they do not use fire and they only heat when you inhale, they are less likely to cause a fire than a smoldering cigarette. While overall safety varies, higher quality e-cig with a good reputation for the greatest safety.

5. Designed for Adults: While teens are often fascinated with e-cigarettes they are not designed for them. Most manufacturers print a warning on their packages that these units are only for use by adults. They are also intended as an alternative for someone who smokes already. If you are not a smoker already, the best choice for you is to avoid all types of nicotine, even e-cigs. While they are safer than tobacco, there are still some health risks.

6. Where Can You Find Them: You can buy e-cigs on the Internet or at many retail stores. The varieties in stores tend to be much more limited than those offered on-line. Additionally, online buying usually offers a less expensive option with more brands. Many of the top manufacturers prefer selling products through online distributors to make their products more readily available to potential customers. If you buy online, make sure the seller has the product in stock, as some only place an order once they receive your order. If the product is in stock, it reduces the time between purchase and it reaching your home. Also, inquire about any guarantees just in case you are not happy with the product once you receive it. Most distributors are glad to refund your money or substitute another device that is more to your liking.

7. Savings: E-cigs are generally less expensive than smoking, saving you a great deal of cash. Some heavy smokers report saving up to $1200 annually. Many manufacturers and sellers also offer coupons and special orders that can add a significant reduction to what you spend on liquids and devices. Since the devices reduce health risks to, you can even save money on medical costs.
There are many benefits of stopping smoking traditional cigarettes and switching to e-cigs. They offer a less expensive and healthier lifestyle. The units are stylish and leave no lingering odor so they are often popular with the people who live in your home. When you start using these devices you also protect your loved ones from the dangers of second-hand smoke.